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Plastic windows from the leaders of production

The key factor of activity of our company is marked by producing and setting of plastic windows, made of profiles of the prominent German brand REHAU, and Turkish producer with world positions - WINHOUSE. The company is ready to give the guarantee for the whole services spectrum, beginning with the delivery and finishing with the installation, which is confirmed by the long-term successful practice.

The main point and the mission of our company has become the quality which we are ready to give to your house by setting functional and aesthetically beautiful plastic windows with the excellent indexes of protecting from different outward influences. This protection is characterized by excellent noise isolation and heat conductivity provided by air-chambers inside the profile.

The uniqueness and safety of modern polyvinyl chloride (PVC) windows is underlined by the natural and echo friendly components. Corrosion and the atmospheric phenomena high resistivity is supplemented with durability and external attractiveness, which are saved by the end of the working period.

A method of processing by an extrusion is underlined in the basis of PVC profile development. Such the method promoted the quality of the material more than in two times. So the popularity of the material usage has increased in the constructions of the dwelling and commercial settings more than before.

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